I'm an over 40 mom of two littles obsessed with creating outfits that uplift my days... and helping you do the same. 

EVERY. SINGLE. THING. you choose to wear has the power to elevate your mood and build your self confidence. By getting super intentional about creating outfits that allow your personality to shine through, you will start to feel incredible. And when you start to feel incredible, incredible things will start happening for you.  

what i know for sure

My Why /

I didn't always have the confidence to be myself and chase my dreams...

In Fact, I went to college for a major I hated, then worked tirelessly in a big corporate job that sucked the life right out of me.  I thought I was doing the "right" thing, but completely lost myself along the way. 

I eventually quit that job and started to remember who I really am.

I am a someone who no longer needs to hustle to fit in because I love myself first.   I am someone who understand the power of clothes and how use them as a tool to serve me and my dreams. I am infatuated with all things color and pattern, and know how to use them as my wildcard advantage to feel incredible.  And most importantly, I am completely obsessed with helping you  do the same. 

what I


I believe in YOU. I believe in your story. I believe in your dreams. I believe in your individual beauty. And I believe you can create the life you are meant to live. And I'm right here with ya! 

If it's not a "hell yes" - don't buy it. If something in your closet makes you feel less than - sell it or donate it immediately. Clothes should serve us, we do not need to alter ourselves to fit in to them!

What I'm 

not about

I'm learning how to breathe deeply. To live in and accept the present moment. To love and care for my body. To keep the promises I make to myself. And to live a life full of laughter and adventure. 


What I'm 

I love to scour the internet to find beautiful pieces for my closet and home - and share them with you, of course! I love to mix patterns, play with color, and add in something unexpected to an otherwise simple outfit. 


What I'm 


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