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by Claire


Everything I have tested, love, and use on the daily. From the bag I don't leave home without, to my travel essentials, and my go-to brands for clothes bursting with character. It's all here! 

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EVERY.SINGLE.THING. you choose to wear has the power to elevate your mood and support your self confidence. By dressing in color tones that align with your personality, you will start to feel incredible. And when you feel incredible, incredible things will start happening for you.  

Know Yourself so you can Be Yourself, and Take Action to Create the Life You're Meant to Have

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I'm claire kinney

Your brand new internet friend here to help you fall in love with getting dressed. 

I'm a midwestern momma of 2 littles who got fed up with sweatpants, too tight jeans, and the same old black leggings. I now have a closet bursting with "feels good to me" color and create outfits full of personality and character that elevate my mood and serve me in creating my best life. 

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Forget the dance videos. If you're into real life, educational fashion content, tough-love encouragement, needle-moving challenges, and smart shopping picks? You've come to the right place. 

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