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10 Ways I’m Creating My Own Sunshine This Winter

Jan 4

The Winter season in Wisconsin can be loooooong, to say the least. We usually try to break it up with a warm beach vacation but for a variety of reasons, don’t have anything on the calendar this year. So with no warm sunshine in sight for the foreseeable future, I decided to create my own! Well obviously not literally but what I can control is the happiness and calm the warm sunshine brings to my life. So no matter the weather outside my window, here are the ten ways I’m making my own sunshine this Winter.

And P.S. – take what works from my list and then go create your own! Look inward for what YOU need at this stage in your own life and find small ways to create it for yourself. You got this.

How I’m Creating My Own Sunshine This Winter

1. Decorate & Organize My Home

I love painting, wallpapering, choosing colors, organizing … anything that makes our home a comfortable and inspiring place for us to be ourselves. But with anything, life gets busy and if I don’t intentionally carve out the time for house projects, they don’t get done. So I’ve started to dedicate Friday to the house and it’s made me SO HAPPY. Little by little, enjoying the process.

2. Get Outside

Yes! Even in Winter…in Wisconsin. It might be as simple as taking a few deep breaths of fresh air as the dog goes outside or layering up for a long walk in my favorite hat, coat and boots. Either way, the fresh air does wonders for my mental health, same as the warm sunshine.

3. Get Dressed… Every Day

Most days it’s not fancy. Sometimes it doesn’t involve a full face of makeup. But putting an outfit together not only helps me feel like myself but also ready and confident for whatever the day might bring (the expected AND the unexpected)

4. Sauna Blanket Sessions

I’ve had this sauna blanket for a couple years and I kid you not, I feel like an entirely different person when I use it. I usually do a 45-minute session followed by a cold shower, once a week.

5. Taking A One Night Getaway – Solo

I feel like I have to justify this one but why? I’ve never done this for myself and I love the idea of a couple days of quiet at a nearby spa to just relax, reset, reflect, listen, dream, and fill up my own cup.

6. Get Up Before The Rest Of My Family

I read the book The 5am Club last year and while it’s a bit cheesy, the concepts really stuck with me. The kids are up usually between 6 and 6:30 so I use that time beforehand for a 30 minute workout, 20 minute meditation wearing my red light mask, and then a few minutes of reading my goals/intentions. I cannot even begin to tell you how much of better place I’m in when I start my day this way over waking up to kids asking me for something.

7. Upgrade My Pajama Game

Part of getting up early is getting solid sleep. And I noticed when I’m wearing a cute pajama set how much better I feel! I’m happier, more grateful, and hopeful for tomorrow. I have two pairs of these and plan to upgrade to a few more styles over the long, dark Winter.

8. Paint My Nails On A Regular Basis

I stopped getting my nails done last year because they were so brittle and damaged. Now I just need to figure out a good at home routine that is healthy and do-able because I adore having my nails painted. It’s like a warm, colorful smile when I look down and see my hands. In the meantime, I’ve been using these with this glue and just cut them down a bit for mom life.

9. Reading/Listening

I am constantly listening to audio books and podcasts when I’m in the car alone, going for a walk, folding laundry, etc. And there is something about holding a physical book while curled up (in my cute pajamas!) before bed that brings calm and peace.

10. A Weekly Adventure With The Kids

Taking the kids on an adventure that sparks their creativity and nurtures their interests is something that makes me incredibly happy and fulfilled. It might be as small as an at home KiwiCo Activity Box or as big as a full day outing, but either way, seeing them having new experiences and learning more about themselves creates sunshine for our entire family.

And Remember, It Won’t Always Be Pretty…

Now I know I won’t do all of these things perfectly and real life happens in the middle of it all, but that’s not the point. It’s about intentionally filling my life with things that make me smile, that challenge me, and give me something to look forward to.

And I’m here for that, all winter long.

You got this.


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