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3 Ways To Elevate a Sweatshirt

Oct 26

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My number one tip for getting dressed is this: Ask yourself, “How do I WANT to feel today?”

Notice I did not say, “How am I feeling today?” There is a massive difference. Let me tell you why. What you wear has been scientifically proven to influence your mood and mindset. So why not use clothes to your advantage to create the mood, and day, we want to have??

Today for example, my kid was sick, the house was a mess, and I was starting to have that victim mentality. You know it. The “why does this always happen to me” and the “everyone else has it so much easier”. Ever been there?

So when I went to get dressed I asked myself, “How do I want to feel today?” … and it was comfortable and elevated. Comfortable to give myself a break from all that was happening around me yet elevated to enhance my mood and help me to feel more like myself

Enter the elevated sweatshirt. I love a good sweatshirt for weekend errands and casual movie nights at home, but what about for the office? Or when you want to feel more pulled together like I did today? I got you. Here are 3 ways you can take an everyday, casual sweatshirt and bring it up a notch to create the day, and life, you want for yourself.

1. Stay Clear of Bold Graphics and Logos

A streamlined pattern like a this diagonal quilt or classic stripe will instantly elevate your outfit. Another option is a solid color with added interest like a puff sleeve or buttons. Save the bold graphics, logos, and the color grey for your more casual looks.

2. Add In the Jewelry

Adding jewelry is an easy way to take things up a notch. It could be a broach, a chunky necklace, earrings, bracelet cuff, on trend silver– whatever makes you feel like…you.

3. Fit Is Everything

An oversized sweatshirt will move you right into weekend casual mode so choose an option that is more tailored to your body, but not too tight that it leaves you feeling restricted. Just right.

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And Remember…

In case no one else tells you today, here is what I know to be true about you right now:

You are ENOUGH. You BELONG. You are LOVED.

xo, Claire

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