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Fashion Rule To Break: Stick To One Bold Color At A Time

Feb 3


Sneakers // Socks // Pants // Sweater // Chunky Gold Necklace // Pearl Necklace // Chain Necklace // Watch Band // Belt Bag (similar)

The Series

Today is part 1 of a new series I started over on Instagram & TikTok where I pick 15 fashion rules to break. Rules can be a great thing and have their time and place, but when it comes to fashion most of them can be broken. That’s what makes filling up your closet and getting dressed so fun! And breaking them in your own way lets your personality shine through and helps you stand out from the crowd. But I do have one word of caution…

The Key

The key to breaking all the fashion rules is doing it with thought and intention. Just throwing pieces together willy nilly will often result in a loud mess and will definitely not leave you feeling at your best. So here’s my thought process behind how I broke the first rule – Stick To One Bold Color At A Time.

How To Break The Rule

First off, I would define a bold color as heavily saturated and bright. That doesn’t necessarily mean light! Dark color tones can be heavily saturated and bright too – just look at my pants. So how I broke the rule is a few things:

– combining 2 solid colors for a color blocking effect

– varying the lightness/darkness

– choosing colors opposite of each other on the color wheel for a complimentary effect

– Adding depth in the rest of the outfit with my sneakers

Other Options

I could also see this rule broken with a solid and a pattern, using an accessory as one of your bright colors to make it more subtle, or choosing two lighter colors with added neutrals. So get creative and see what you come up with!

Let’s Keep This Going

So what do you think? Are you on board for breaking this rule? Message me here, I’d love to chat!

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