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My Favorite Purchases From 2023

Jan 2

I’ve made it my job to try out and share a wide variety of products here on the blog and on social media. And while there was a lot that I loved, a handful were game changers this past year. From a simplified skincare routine that transformed my skin, to an under-$50 Amazon tote I carried for three months straight, and a life-changing book to continue on the journey of loving myself as I am … it’s all here! Scroll down to see them all and who knows, one (or more!) will hopefully be game changers for you too.

OneSkin Products

I heard about OneSkin on a podcast and instantly fell in love with the idea of a simplified, science based skincare routine that WORKS. It includes the OS-01 peptide which is the only peptide scientifically proven to reverse skins biological age. If I’m wearing heavy makeup I use this remover but otherwise, this is it, and my skin has never looked smoother and brighter.

Amazon Gold Hoop Earring Set

This under-$15 set of SIX (!) gold hoop earrings looks 5X its price giving off Madewell and J.Crew vibes. I keep the entire set in a trinket dish by my sink so even if I’m not fully dressed for the day, I can quickly add a pair of these to help me feel more like myself.

All Day Everyday Shaping Cami

I love the smooth look a shaping cami gives, but mine were still from when I had Waylon and in desperate need of an upgrade. I gave these a try and immediately bought 3 more. The quality is incredible for the price and is available in color options which is hard to find in shapewear. I sized down to a small and love the fit – not too tight and stays put.

Wool Check Coat

This is the first time I invested in a beautiful wool coat in color AND pattern! But knowing my seasonal color personality (if you don’t know yours, take my quiz here!) I was 100% confident and wow, I have never felt more like myself in a coat. And the check patten is an instant classic that will never go out of style.

Krewe St. Louis Sunglasses

I am constantly being asked about these sunglasses but more importantly, every time I put them on I feel incredible. The rich brown colorway in a playful check pattern paired with a classic shape…yes please! They are a best seller for a reason and if you can find them in stock, grab ’em while you can!

Run Resistant Under-$10 Colored Tights

Remember the days when you would buy 2 pairs (at least!) of tights just in case the first pair ran? No more! I have been wearing these for months and not only are they holding up, they are comfortable! Oh, and available in 25 color options so there is something for everyone.

Matching Athletic Wear Set

I made a conscious choice to move my body for me this year. Not out of punishment or to fit into some mold, but to be strong and healthy for my goals and dreams. And adding a matching top and leggings to my workout clothes helped me to feel happy while hitting up the bike or treadmill, way more than I thought it would.

Under-$50 Woven Tote Bag

I am not kidding when I say I used this tote every day for a good three months. And I still have it in solid rotation. Quality vegan leather, easy to clean, generous size but not too big, comes with a coin purse, lots of color optionsyou with me???

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Perfume

I typically only have one perfume bottle at a time so I really take the time to find something I adore and makes me smile every time I smell it. And I kid you not this is my favorite scent ever. I am completely obsessed and bonus, the bottle is stunning! I love it out on my bathroom counter.

Merit Makeup

I didn’t have a makeup routine I loved so this year I set about finding a brand that was easy, dewy fresh, AND didn’t irritate my sensitive eyes and skin. And to say I’m in love with Merit is an understatement. I use the foundation, cheeky blush, highlighter, bronzer, and lipstick. Their website is super helpful in locating your colors and when I wasn’t happy with the lip gloss, the refund process was quick and easy.

Clinique Lash Building Primer

I used to have dark spots under my eyes by mid-afternoon from my mascara. Then someone recommended starting first with a primer. And wow! Not only do my eyelashes feel healthy and soft, not once have I had my mascara bleed. And it doesn’t irritate my extremely sensitive eyes and skin one bit. Game changer.

Love Yourself Book

I devoured this book in two days. The concepts are incredibly simple and take no time at all, but game changers if you put them into practice. Try it. You deserve it.

HigherDose Red Light Mask

After my morning workout, I do a 20 minute meditation while wearing this red light mask (hello, habit stack!). Not only is it incredibly relaxing and effective on its own, but when I combine it with my OneSkin products and the glow prep, my skin has never been more clear and bright. The new neck enhancer is on my wish list this year!

Colorful Sneakers

I wear sneakers with dresses, leggings, skirts, denim, trousers…pretty much everything. I love to be comfortable AND elevated so these Air Max 87’s were added to my Christmas wish list as soon as I saw them online. And let me tell ya, they delivered! I smile every time I see them in my closet…and that’s what it’s all about, right?

Anthropologie Colette Wide Leg Cropped Pants

Like the cult classic Sommerset dress, Anthropologie’s wide leg colette pants have piles of 5-star reviews for a reason. The perfect amount of stretch makes them easy to wear (I wore them on a plane!) and a wide range of fabric, color, and pattern options is right up my alley.

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