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6 Ways To Wear A Sweater As An Accessory

Jan 20

Outfit Details:

Matisse Caty Boots (in red here) // Reformation Denim // Rib Long Sleeve Stripe Top // Fisherman Sweater // T-Bar Necklace // Pearl Necklace // Sweet Cinnamon Lipstick // Perfume

An outfit with an unexpected detail is what makes your personality shine through your clothes, without speaking a word. A quick an easy idea is using what you most likely already own – a sweater! – to layer in a new way. I used a bold solid color but whatever you have will work beautifully. Try one of these 6 options and see how you feel! Happier? Walking taller? More like yourself? I hope so! But if not, try a different one until you feel like the beautiful human you already are.

Cross Body Under the Armpit

My personal favorite!

Through Belt Loops

If your sweater is on the thin side you might want to tie it but because mine is a bit thicker it stayed put nicely.

Cross Body Over The Shoulder

I like this one for date night or work since I need my arm when I’m chasing after my 2 little monsters!

Loose Over The Shoulder

Tip – this can also be worn over coat or jacket for an added layer of interest. Casual cool and elevated.

Tied Over The Shoulder

One of the most traditional ways, feel sophisticated and beautiful.

Tied At The Waist

Tip – Don’t fold it over for a less bulky look. Casual and Comfortable.

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