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Valentine’s Gifts For Kids: The Boys and The Girls

Jan 21

We get pretty excited in our house when another holiday is on the horizon, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. I love taking advantage of the time to make it memorable and fun for the kids. Even though we don’t do anything over the top, it’s the little things like hanging up a felt banner in their rooms, coloring, picking out matching pajamas, making a fun breakfast with matching aprons, playing superhero dress up, reading a Valentine’s book, or choosing a new shirt for schoolthose are what they get the most excited about anyways! I had so much fun diving down the rabbit hole to pull out the most adorable collection of gifts for the kids so keep scrolling to see the edit below.

And to make the day special for the women in your life – your mom, best friend, sister, or a little something for yourself – check out this post for Valentine’s Day gifts For Her.

Personalized Mailbox

Something they can use year after year! Here is another one the kids can decorate themselves and it comes with valentines – bonus!

Matching Pajamas

The kids are still at an age where they love matching pajamas so I’m going to ride that train as long as I can! These and These are perfect for a boy / girl combination.

Family Fun Waffle Maker

This makes the cutest little waffles that will make Valentine’s Day breakfast special for the kids without too much effort!

Love Is In The Air

And Don’t Forget…



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