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Before Shopping Any Big Sales, Ask Yourself These 2 Questions

Feb 16

There are SO MANY great sales happening this weekend and I’m rounding them all up for you in one place here. BUT! If you’re like I used to be and are a bit triggered by sales – you know the thoughts – it’s a must have! It’s 80% off! Just buy it, I’ll fit into it someday! It’s going to sell out! – then I have a couple tips to help navigate this long weekend of sales without regret.

NO. 1

Would I Buy This Full Price?

The sale should be a bonus to buy what you’re already are obsessed with. So if you wouldn’t be willing to shell out your hard earned money for it full price, then take a pass.

NO. 2

Can I Think Of 3 Ways To Wear This With What I Already Have In My Closet?

Unless you’re set to make a drastic change in your life, if the item is so out of your everyday style that you’ll have to buy even more to style it or you have no idea HOW to wear, then take a pass. It’s good to try new things but make sure they can be incorporated into your current lifestyle.

Now let’s go shopping! Find all the best sales in one place over here.

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