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Closet Tip: Clothes That Are Too Small

Jan 9

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I Have A Confession To Make

While I’ve made massive strides in editing my closet to include only pieces I truly love and wear, I was still holding on to a handful that didn’t fit my body. But clothes are here to serve us, not the other way around. And if they don’t fit my beautiful body as it is today, that’s the brands problem, not mine.

But what IS my problem is why they’re still sitting in my closet! Clothes carry emotions – either for the dream of who we want to become or a longing for who we once were. And every time we approach our closets, those too small clothes are not serving who we are today, they are instead shaming us for not being someone else. And you do not deserve that in your life:

So if you want to address those too small, too large, or not quite right pieces once and for all, here’s what worked for me:

Set a timer for 30 minutes when you know you’re not going to be interrupted (do not try to do this with your kids running around you … trust me!)

Go through and pull out anything you wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing right now

When you’re done, hold each piece one by one and ask yourself “Why am I keeping this?” – does it remind you of the past, is it something you paid a lot of money for, was it a gift you feel badly getting rid of….what is it?

If the answer isn’t that you love it and would wear it in a second if it fit your body, it has to leave your closet. Note: I did not say you have to get rid of it (phew, right?!) but it has to leave your closet. If it’s truly sentimental, put it in a bin, label it, and put it somewhere out of sight. If it’s not, donate it or sell it. But for the love of all things holy do NOT put it back in your closet where you see it every day. These pieces are NOT motivating you, they’re shaming you and you do not need that in your life.

If the answer IS that you love it and would wear it in a second if it fit your body, then here’s the key – put it in a bin, label it (i use masking tape and a marker, this doesn’t have to be fancy) and place it somewhere you won’t see it every day. Then pick a date … I chose 3 months… and put it on your calendar to revisit the bin. If you still love the pieces but they don’t fit, put them back for another set time period.

Now For A Hard Truth

And this is especially relevant if you’ve had a big transition in the past year, had a baby, a career change… you might not be left with a whole lot. Take a deep breath. Let the emotions come if they need to be let out. And know while this is hard, it’s an opportunity to truly see and love yourself as you are today. Then once the emotions have passed, make a list of what you need in your closet today. Tip: I keep this as a note in my phone so I always have it.

And It Will Be WORTH IT

And as time passes and you revisit your bin, you may find that you don’t need these pieces anymore. Because you love who you are TODAY. And you’re slowly creating a closet full of pieces that bring you to life and serve the beautiful human you are…right now.

You got this.


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