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How To Know If A Fashion Trend Is Right For You

Jan 7

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They’re here! As the calendar moves into the New Year, you can’t seem to escape the flood of articles, emails and social media posts all telling us what will be trending in our outfits this year. I personally enjoy reading the predictions from the top publications and seeing what’s being highlighted by my favorite retailers. I can then distill it down to what, if anything, works for me in my everyday life.

But I hear ya! It’s a fine line between wanting to move out of your comfort zone to try new things and buying into something that’s not going to serve you and the person you’re becoming. So I came up with 3 easy, cut and dry, questions to ask of yourself so you can continue building a closet that feels right for you.

Here they are:

1. Does it fit into my lifestyle?

Yes, it’s great to have a few on off pieces for events and celebrations but be honest with yourself if this trend is going to fit into your life. This is especially key if you’ve recently gone through a career change or have kids.

2. Does it make me feel like myself?

Not sure? Try it on! Order it from a retailer with easy returns so you can take the time to try it in the comfort of your home and truly see how it makes you feel. And remember, if it’s not an absolute 100% I can’t wait to wear this yes, it’s a no.

3. Can you come up with 3 ways to wear it with what you already own?

If not, you’ll either end up having to buy more than you intended to pair it with or it will sit in your closet unworn, which what we’re trying to avoid at all costs!

And Remember

If you decide not to grab onto a trend – you are still beautiful, you are still worthy, and you still belong.

You got this.


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