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This Simple Question Makes Getting Dressed 10x Easier

Jan 17

Outfit Details:

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A Different Way To Get Dressed

Have you ever faced your closet, not quite sure what to wear, then proceeded to try on six different outfits that are now scattered all around because nothing feels quite right? Or you mindlessly grab the same sweater with the same pants and the same shoes because you know they go together but then you just feel off for the rest of the day?

Yup, been there. But not anymore.

It’s backed by science that what we wear directly influences our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Like a superhero’s cape, clothing can empower you. Imagine how you feel slipping into a comfortable pair of sneakers versus your tallest heels, pretty different right?!!? So all you have to do to make getting dressed easier is to ask yourself this one simple question…

” How Do I WANT To FEEL??? “

I know, I can hear you already. But Claire, I still have to go to work or I still have to deal with the weather, and on and on. There will always be boundaries but you still have a ton of control within those boundaries for what YOU want. Here’s what I mean:

– I want to feel confident and creative for a work meeting. Grab your favorite “boss girl” blazer and pair it with a bold accessory like bright colored heels, a chunky necklace, or oversized earrings.

– I want to feel comfortable but put together for weekend brunch with the girls. Try loose denim, a cozy sweater, and loafers.

– It’s dark and rainy but I want to feel happy and like myself. A joyful patterned raincoat paired with color drenched boots might do the trick.

See where I’m going with this!??!

One Day, One Outfit At A Time

So next time you’re facing your closet, ask yourself “How do I want to feel?” and see how it goes! Over time you’ll learn how the pieces you already own make you feel because it’s different for everyone! And as an added bonus, this method helps you combine or layer pieces you would never have considered previously, extending your current wardrobe ever farther.

So give it a go and message me here to let me know how you feel!

You got this.


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