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10 Easy Ways to Add Your Color Personality To Any Outfit

Feb 8

Never underestimate the power of color! It’s one of (if not the most…) powerful tools in your closet toolbox that can not only alter the message you’re sending to the world with your outfit but more importantly, it has the power to transform your mood. When I wake up feeling down, instead of giving into the mood with dark drab colors, I pull out the brightest, happiest pieces in my closet for an instant boost. But I know it can be tricky to add color, especially if you’ve been on the neutrals train the last few years. So start small! Keep scrolling for 10 simple ways to start adding your color personality to your outfits.

And if you don’t yet know what color tones fit your personality, take my quiz here (in 60 seconds or less!)

in no particular order…

10. Earrings

9. Lip Color

8. Bag

7. Shoes

6. Hat

5. Socks (or Tights!)

Copy these four outfit formulas for colored tights.

4. Vest

The full puffer vest edit is right here.

3. Hair Accessory

2. Sweater As An Accessory

See this post for 6 ways to style a sweater as an accessory.

1. Belt

Check out this blazer and belt post here for more belt options.

Which option is your favorite??? Message me over here.

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