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The 5 Easiest Winter Layering Tricks You Haven’t Tried

Jan 22

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Anthropologie Dress // Matisse Boots // Sweatshirt (similar here) // Gold Earring Set

The Winter slump is real, am I right?!?!! The shorter days and cold temps can leave even the best of us feeling a bit well, blah. So why not use the time to our advantage and have a little fun! Cold weather dressing is all about layers but the same old same can get a little boring. Change it up and feel the extra pep in your step! Here are five ideas to get your creative juices flowing and hopefully be so inspired that you forget to count the days until Spring.

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Unbuttoned Tailored Top Over a Stripe Long Sleeve

I’ve seen so many intricate ways of tying a button down shirt over on social media but why not try the easiest??! Simply keep it unbuttoned and cross it over as you tuck it in. Done and done!

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A Hooded Sweatshirt Under A Dress

Another simple stying trick is layering something casual with an elevated piece. The hooded sweatshirt under a beautiful dress (a favorite! lots of color options here) is so unexpected be ready for the compliments all. day. long. My dress has an elastic waist but if yours doesn’t, try adding a belt for definition.

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A Windbreaker Hooded Jacket Under a Blazer

THIS is why I don’t put any of my warm weather clothes away in storage during the Winter. When the cold temps seems like they’ll never let up, layer in a typical warm weather piece and feel yourself start to warm up.

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A Belt Over Outerwear

This might not add warmth but it ads buckets of personality leaving you happier and walking taller in your cold weather looks. Another idea is to drape an all-year-around sweater over the shoulders of your outerwear!

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Sweater Vest Over A Jumpsuit

Overalls and Jumpsuits are waaaaay underrated. Yes, going to the bathroom takes an extra minute but you make up for that (and more!) when it only takes you 15 seconds to get dressed and out the door!

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Which layering idea is your favorite??!?! Message me over here and let me know!

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